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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bunny Pledge

This was the April Bunny poem that a bunch of gals made up for us on the birth club that i posted on when i was pregnant with riley.. now since a bunch of us are on round two... i guess this applies. isnt it cute?

I pledge to my baby, my partner and me
To be the best mommy I can be
To work out when I can and eat what’s right
And to get up to pee 8 times a night
I will go to the doctor to hear the heartbeat
And even look forward to losing sight of my feet!
Should I use disposable or cloth? This I shall ponder
And between bottle or breast my mind will wander
My breasts will enlarge, my belly will be swollen
But I would trade it for nothing, each moment is golden
Whether Biddy, Baby or Babe Bunny I be
This I pledge for my baby, my partner and me

- April Bunnies 2005

Monday, June 19, 2006

Boring Borning

Today was a very boring day for me, the internet was down for the most part. although i did manageto get a few loads of laundry done. I cannot wait to find a house, this is the most stressful partim ready all ready! i want to be able to cook food that doesnt have to be cooked in the microwavemy feelings will not be hurt in the least if i never see frozen or pre cooked foods again. It doesnthelp that i am early in pregancy and everything makes my stomach turn. i cannot even imagine what riley isthinking. poor kid! i was up all night last night coughing, i think it is from the fan blowing on me. i am still surprised that there is no air conditioners here. im not complaining it hasnt been too hot yet.the fans do the trick but we have to keep them up high so fingers (riley) doesnt mess with them.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

LiL Love Bug @Six Weeks and Growing

How your baby's growing: The cells that will make up all of your baby's body parts and systems are dividing furiously as her body begins to take shape. Right now she's about the size of a small lentil bean (4 to 5 millimeters across). If you could see through your uterine wall, you'd find an overlarge head and dark spots where her eyes and nostrils are beginning to take shape. Shallow pits on the sides of her head mark her developing ears, and her arms and legs appear as protruding buds. Her hands and feet look like paddles, with thick webbing between the developing digits, but her fingers and toes will soon become more distinct. Below the opening that will later be your baby's mouth, there are small folds where her neck and lower jaw will eventually develop. (Inside, her tongue and vocal cords are just beginning to form.)Your baby's heart (which is starting to divide into the right and left chambers) is beating about 100 to 130 beats per minute — almost twice as fast as yours — and blood is beginning to circulate through her body. Her intestines are developing and tiny breathing passages are beginning to appear where her lungs will be. She's also starting to build muscle fibers and, halfway through this week, she'll likely start moving her tiny limbs. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait until you're several weeks into your second trimester before you get to enjoy feeling your baby's calisthenics.
* Note: Experts say every baby develops differently — even in the womb. This developmental information is designed to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing.How your life's changing: If you haven't already, you may soon find yourself riding pregnancy's emotional roller coaster, feeling moody one day and joyful the next. Disturbing as this may be — especially if you pride yourself on being in control — what you're going through is completely normal and will probably continue throughout your pregnancy. Up-and-down emotions are partly caused by fluctuating and (in many cases) very high levels of hormones. But hormones aside, your entire life is about to change — and who wouldn't feel emotional about that?Spotting (finding spots of blood on your underpants or toilet tissue after urinating) or bleeding is common in early pregnancy, but sometimes it can be the first sign of miscarriage. If you have any spotting or bleeding, call your doctor or midwife right away so she can determine whether your spotting indicates a potential problem.
Pregnancy tip: Breakfast of champions "My prenatal vitamins made me sick, so my doctor gave me a prescription for fruit-flavored, chewable prenatal vitamins and suggested I take them with meals. They really helped." — Janice

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bryan is in a class that is teaching him How to speak some German. So today theclass went downtown for a tour. i for one had a really great time, and i think my most favorite part was the people watching, Germans definately have a different clothing style than i am used to in the states. i love it. i am used to seeing everyone in the Vintage Abercrombie or Hollister look. the look here is more classy.. i love the tank tops with the skirts and the long beaded necklaces and the shoes I LOVE SHOES.. and the purses of course.Even the men seemed to have a great sense of style i cannot wait to start shopping.Holly you are going to have a great time shopping here! Riley seemed to have a good time too. We saw the museum, where some of the descriptions were translated in English. we saw one of the oldest Bibles in the world. we were not allowed to take pictures. Some of the printing machines there were hundreds of years old. We also went into theCathedral.. it was beautiful we have pictures from that if they turned out. in one of the churchesthat we went to the celings were painted with angels it was awesome. We went to a department storecalled KAUFHOF.. it kindof reminded me of kaufmans from back home. The top floor had a buffet stylerestaraunt.. we spent 30 euros to eat..YIKES!! afterwards we shopped in the toy department,Riley has a pail with a flower waterer a shovel and a rake. We also bought him a water gun. he loveswater. i was happy to get out and about.. i think we are going to do well here. i know thingswill be better for us once we get a house, i hope it is soon the hotel room is so small andstuffy, although they have a really big fenced in backyard and riley loves to be outside. they alsohave a playground but riley isnt big enough to do much on it yet... but bless his heart he tries. i still have yet to talk to my father. sometimes i think he ignores my calls so laterhe can say that he didnt know it was me. i know that he is working, and maybe e is out of townand up at the camp. i just wish there were some way to get a hold of him. i do miss my familymore than words can say. it didnt bother me much when we were in missouri, knowing that i was inthe same country. its being so far away that scares me much. i know that they are still therebut it seems like light years away. i think this will be my hardest adjustment. We have met somereally nice people here and they have kids that riley likes to play with. i want to get riley in a play group as soon as possbile. he thrives and learns more from other children. he is very smart. i looked for some mommies groups on msn and babycenter, but no luck. Most of the womanare a few hours away. :(. post may offer playgroups or mommy and baby clubs but we haventgotten any info on them yet. I am thinking about getting a part time job, Riley is one now andi think he will do ok with a few hours of daycare. i would want to work on post at the px or thecommisary though. its not set in stone but its something that i am seriously consideringbryan and i havent talked about it yet, i dont think i have even mentioned it yet. i hopebryan comes home from work tomorrow with some good news about housing. i know we sill morethan likely be here in the hotel until monday at thursday bryan takes hisdriving test.. i should start helping him study. i wont get my drivers license right awaythe baby and i can ride the bus to most places. once i learn the road signs i may go ahead and takeit. i learn more from watching not reading. i suppose three years is a long time not to drivei almost forgot to mention.. Riley is in love with boiled eggs.. go figure.. right!?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

No House Yet!

We were supposed to make our big transition to housing this week.. but it didnt happen and here is why.

arrived to Frankfurt with a ride from bryans new unit

got a sweet in lodging

bryan left to meet his new unit

i unpacked

took a two hour nap with Riley

bryan comes home

says they cut him new orders

2 hours later

arrive in weisbaden at the hotel

next morning Bryan goes to improcess

still at the American arms 5 days later

We found a house

a day later

They are transferring Bryan again to a new unit

45 minutes away

we have to find a new house

we dont arrive to the new unit for another week

so here we are homeless and crampy in this hotel room for at least another week

i have my fingers crossed

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well we have made it. so far its a little strange being away from the states. its very different i must tell you that. All of us have adjusted to the time change from the first day we were here. My heart is heavy.. im not sure i am going to be able to handle this change. Germany is a beautiful country, but its not home. I know it is unfair for me to say that i dont like it, i am sure that i will love it but for now all of my feelings say the odds are against it. We are in Weisbaden staying at the american arms hotel, but post is all strung out around town so nothing is what you call together. the px is within walking distance, i havent learned the bus system as of yet. Bryan has started improcessing, and i dont want to venture out alone just yet. we have spoken with family a few times boy the phone thing is tricky. i am homesick and i miss home way too much.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thirteen Things about Traveling

1…. So you are traveling with a baby on a 12 hour trip who absolutely is horrified of the carseat, you think about pulling a Britney Spears and let the little booger out. and then you realize you may not be so lucky and you will probably be put in jail.
2. Fast food has never tasted worse, Espacially when you are trying to drive, eat and at the same time flinging a french fry or two into the backseat for the baby.
3. Bathroom Breaks.. if you dare to stop.. who is supposed to make sure the baby isnt rolling around on the discusting bathroom floors at a gas station while you hover over the toilet?
4. you get lost.. i am a regular at this.
5. Dog bathroom breaks. you have the baby on one hip and you are being drug thru the gas station or rest area (you pick)all so your dog can sniff around for a half hour and decide she doesnt have to go.
6. a half hour later she decides.. she has to go.
7. Changing the baby in the backseat.. A poopy diaper
8. The baby objects (very Loudly) that he doesnt like the movie you have picked for him to watch. He prefers Roseanne over Shark Tales
9. Stopping to get gas . i think this is the easiest on the trip . except for the fact that i forget to reset the mileage & its one of my hubbys pet peeves
10. we will travel over 48 hours within the next month and a half
11. one of these trips i will be alone
12. and yes i will have the baby and the dog who requires pills every so often for siezures
13. yes we will be stopping at a hotel half way thru thr trip. a 12 hour trip usually turns into a 16 hour trip because of all of the stopping.

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